Looking for something extra?

We can Design and Build your Dream 

With Metro, you have the option of having our expert design time create your dream house, or providing us with your own design for us to build. You get the best of both worlds and spectacular cooperation in bringing your dream home to life.

Modern House
Duplexes - We can design and build your duplex or we can build your design. 

Giving you the most creative & trending design options or the luxury of realising your own design, Metropolitan Building will work with you to build the perfect home that you deserve.

Extensions - We also cater for extensions, renovations and first floor additions 

Let us make the most our of your existing property by extending, adding or renovating to increase capital value. We see the potential in blocks of all size and specialise in offering premium consultations that can boost the practicality of your property.


Renovation in Lidcombe

We brought this beautiful property to life sitting on a nice block of land. With an extraordinary interior, the team was tasked with freshening up the facade to compliment.